You know me as @Cooklikeimbook, but my friends call me Calvin.

I grew up in a Korean American background where having food with community is an instrumental part of life. I am a former private weight loss chef with a platform in the Fitness/Health and Food & Beverage community.

With a degree in Exercise Science, fitness has always been an identity of mine. After playing basketball professionally overseas, I taught online cooking classes and fell in love with teaching others about nutrition and food.  

My passion is to help individuals learn that nutrition is much more than just one ingredient or food. Any food can fit in a balanced diet and no food is deemed "bad." Whether it may be fat loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance, food should always be enjoyed at all levels; especially if you are a fitness junkie.

New experiences and relationships with people is what I cherish, so whether it may be partying all night, talking over a glass of wine, or a simple movie night, we're always going to have a great time!

You'll find tons of recipes on this page that'll make you feel like you're not on a "diet." Enjoy the recipes and no more avoiding your favorite foods!